• Salmo Lil ‘Bug 2

    R 123.00

    Lil‘ Bug is a surface wobbler – so called „tracer”. As you can derive from the name, it tempts the fish by disturbing the water surface and creating a „trace” or wave. This lets the predator to register the lure even when the water is a less than clear.

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  • Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet 3.5

    R 158.00
    • Newest and smallest addition to the Rattlin’ Hornet family
    • At 3.5cm it is the perfect lure for anglers targeting all manner of predatory species
    • Smallest lure on the market with an Internal Long Cast System making it perfect for fishing from the bank or a boat
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  • Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet 4.5

    R 179.00

    RATTLIN’ HORNET 4.5. The World ranks the Salmo Hornet as one of the best lures of all time. Now Salmo has introduced the Rattlin’ Hornet 4.5 a floating/diving crankbait created in cooperation with the best American anglers. Expect the same rod shaking action that has made the Classic Hornet one of the best fish catchers ever. Trolling or casting, the Rattlin’ Hornet is a new generation of Salmo lure that changes forever what anglers should expect from a small bite size crankbait.

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  • Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet 5.5

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  • Salmo Rattlin’ Hornet 6.5

    R 214.00

    How do you make one of the most successful lures of all time even better? Introducing the Rattlin’ Hornet! Hand Crafted in Europe, every Rattlin’ Hornet is painstakingly assembled, painted, tank tested and hand tuned to ensure it produces results right out of box. Available in three sizes, the floating Rattlin’ Hornet features the revolutionary Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS) featuring a weight transfer mechanism to ensure the Hornet has exceptional range with every cast. The Rattlin’ Hornet’s new rattle chamber, combined with its already proven swimming action and Triple Grip Mustad KVD hooks, the Rattlin’ Hornet is a universal, multi-purpose weapon that will catch all predatory fish. Backed by Salmo’s Lifetime Warranty, the Rattlin’ Hornet will provide years of aggressive strikes and always come back for more.

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  • Salmo Rattlin’ Sting 9

    R 190.00

    The slender body of the Salmo Rattling Sting Twitchbait imitates many species of prey that predator fish in rivers and lakes survive on. Color palette varies between bait fish and pure fantasy. Built-in rattle adds to the power of attraction to draw in fish from longer distances. Steel frame tested for strength and durability. Tough polycarbonate lip. Individually hand tuned and tank tested. Premium black nickel VMC hooks

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  • Salmo Sinking Hornet 2

    R 126.00R 127.00

    From the moment it was introduced to the Salmo family it has been the absolute best seller. The perfect combination of construction and balance creates an incredible action that fish find it irresistible. If you are looking for a lure that can catch anything that swims in the water then HORNET is your best choice!

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  • Salmo Sinking Hornet 3

    R 126.00

    Drive walleye, crappie, bass, and trout bonkers with the enticing action of the Salmo Hornet. This top-quality European crankbait is made of incredibly strong high-density foam, rather than balsa wood or hollow plastic, so you can be sure this crankbait can take a beating season after season and still keep on hooking those lunkers. A deadly trolling bait that excels when trolled straight or on lead core.

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  • Salmo Slick Stick 6

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  • Salmo Squarebill 5

    R 158.00

    This floating lure is constructed with Salmo’s proprietary high-density space-age foam. This gives it the same buoyancy as balsa wood but increases its durability to withstand many attacks from predatory fish. Its bulbous body creates an enticing wiggle as you work it through the current.

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